It's Time for a Fresh Perspective

With Williamson County’s extraordinary growth, we need forward-thinking leaders to keep our tradition of excellence in education and community life.

So much has changed in the last 32 years since the incumbent candidate was first elected. Williamson County deserves new leaders who proactively address the problems associated with a population that’s expected to double in the next 20 years.

Responsible Funding for Our Schools

Families move to Williamson County for our outstanding public schools. However, if we continue to underfund them, their quality will decline. Tennessee ranks 47th in the country for per-pupil spending; it’s hard to believe our results when we spend $600 LESS than our state average. We need to responsibly fund our educational system and protect our property values which are closely tied to it.

Population Explosion

Who wants to sit in traffic? Nobody! Planning ahead prevents the problem from getting worse. We must work with our cities to grow responsibly and provide support for the increased burden on our police and fire departments.

Growth doesn’t pay for itself. Our current county commissioners have been talking about these problems long enough. The answers don’t require an unfair strain on current residents if we solve it now, but tomorrow will be too late. It’s time for a solution!

Why Sara?

  • 20+ year track record of business experience managing multi-million dollar budgets and finding measurable cost savings
  • A leader known for developing consensus and solving problems
  • Board member of Gordon Jewish Community Center and Congregation Micah
  • Devoted wife, mother, and autism advocate; married for 19 years to Dan Melamed with two boys at Scales Elementary

Sara Melamed is committed to finding fiscally responsible solutions for the challenges Williamson County faces as one of the fastest growing counties in the country. Our school system is frequently, and deservedly, referred to as our crown jewel. This status is a blessing with its own challenges, as it keeps our property values high and drives further growth, but our schools and infrastructure have been unable to keep pace. As a mother with children in our public schools, Sara is invested in ensuring the quality of the schools that first drew her family to Brentwood is not sacrificed by our growth. She is determined to identify cost-effective solutions that will not be an undue burden on our families and seniors, while also maintaining our high quality of living.

Sara’s career in marketing and project management for large national corporations honed her skills in managing multimillion dollar budgets and identifying cost-saving measures. In her work for the National Geographic Society and U.S. News & World Report, Sara learned early on how to balance their world-renown high standards and fiscal concerns. Currently, Sara serves as an independent marketing consultant for small and large businesses in the financial and medical industries. Since 2013, Sara has also served on the board of the Gordon Jewish Community Center and was a three-time co-chair of their annual fundraiser. She now chairs their newly formed Youth and Family Services Committee.

Sara’s journey of advocacy began with her younger son’s autism diagnosis before his second birthday. Today, after intervention, he is thriving. Since his diagnosis, she has dedicated herself to the special needs community in lobbying for expanded coverage and services. Her hope is that all children have the opportunity to access the resources they need to reach their full potential.

Sara has resided in Middle Tennessee for 15 years and in Brentwood for the last five. Her dedication to the continued success of our county is visible through her active engagement in her community, school board, county commission, and local government. She has been married to her best friend and college sweetheart, Dan, for nearly 20 years. They live in the River Oaks neighborhood with their two boys, Zev (9) and Tyce (5), and their boisterous puppy, Samson. They appreciate the blessing of being able to raise their boys here surrounded by immediate family and close friends. In her spare time Sara enjoys spending time reading; attending concerts; cheering on the Predators; and volunteering in her community, including Scales Elementary, where her older son is entering fourth grade and her youngest into kindergarten. She is actively involved in Better Angels, a bipartisan non-profit group of citizens working together to help find common ground in an increasingly polarized political environment.

While Sara never originally intended to pursue political office, she knows that if we can agree to invest in something larger than ourselves, there are no real limits to what we as a community can achieve. She wants to earn your vote to represent Williamson County Tennessee’s 7th District. She's running for you.